Brand Columns on CNT

About CNT: The 1st fashion magazine I have worked for is CNT (Cam Nang Teen, Guidebook for Teens in Vietnamese). It’s a TeenVogue-inspired publication of Hoa Hoc Tro media house. 34 pages, not many, but these are full of high fashion mood and practical stuffs.  In 2009, I was designated to be the creative manager for CNT. I have played with 34 pages every single month in 3 years.

About Fashion Brand Column: I hosted a column on CNT named Fashion Brands. I made researches about the history, behind-the-scene stories and the spirit of legendary fashion brands. These stories were my first steps to the fashion industry. Additionally, they have taught me about branding. Mistakes existed but I have learned a lot from my own mistakes.

Many thanks to my fantastic designer: Williams Production

If you can read Vietnamese, please kindly click to zoom

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Chanel – The Origin of Elegance (Chanel – Cội nguồn của sự thanh lịch)


Jimmy Choo – Happiness in Your Shoes (Hạnh phúc trên đôi chân)


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